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Clare is known for her directness and strength, these qualities are balanced by deep compassion. Clare builds trust quickly with her clients, and they count on her to skilfully and efficiently get the to the heart of the matter. She brings a sense of play to every engagement, which accelerates the process of unlocking.

Clients rely on her focused awareness to uncover insights and perspectives that result in more clarity, confidence and life enjoyment for them. 

Clare’s is a life long learner and seeker, including studies in yoga, Emotional Freedom Technique, NLP, meditation, and consciousness with masters from around the world. One of Clare’s superpowers is her ability to change and yet she understands that people change at different rates.

Clare holds a Bachelor’s degree and has spent many years in the corporate world, whilst always having a side hustle for helping people feel better. Clare is passionate about how people feel, recover from trauma and heal.

Clare is a certified life coach with qualifications from the NZ School of Life Coaching and the Florida Transformation Academy. In addition, Clare is certified in Emotional Intelligence coaching and Life Purpose coaching.


Clare’s coaching is influenced by the work of the Conscious Leadership group, Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks, Byron Katy, Gabor Maté, Thomas Hübl, Carol Look, Jessica and Nick Ortner.

Clare receives individual coaching from the Conscious Leadership group, she also participates in their courses and values their resources.

Clare is an associate member of the Australia and New Zealand Coaching Alliance. Clare brings all the skills she has amassed from life’s journey to her coaching.

Clare eats an organic plant based diet and enjoys how energising and supportive it is to her lifestyle.

When not coaching, Clare can be found out walking in her neighbourhood or in nature, at home making delicious food, with her family, doing yoga, on her ebike, body board or SUP.